Leading the movement for smart technologies and digitalisation of the AEC industry in ASEAN, BeyondX is an annual design festival showcasing fresh technologies and speakers to inspire creativity and innovation. 

With COVID-19 continuing to unfold, the 2020 edition of BeyondX will be a two-day online webinar series. Expect remarkable innovations that will inform the new normal.

Robert Coorey

Co-Founder of Archistar.ai (Australia)

Listed by Startup Australia as one of the country’s Top Entrepreneurs, he is also a best-selling author, and co-founder to Archistar. The company’s world-first artificial intelligence helps the property market to find profitable development sites and generate dozens of architectural design strategies — all within a matter of minutes.

Jeremy Searock

Co-Founder and President of Advanced Construction Robotics (USA)

Jeremy has led many R&D programs involving autonomous robotic technologies including self-driving off-road vehicles, autonomous ship driving for the first ever self-driving U.S. Naval Vessel, autonomous Blackhawk helicopter and more.

Eugene Soh

Founder of Dude (Singapore)

A creative technologist pioneering the world of mixed realities. Founder of Dude, a tech studio focussing on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), the growing individual launched the world’s second Instagram Custom Filter.

Henrik Lund-Nielsen

Founder of COBOD (Denmark)

He is the founder of a globally leading company within 3D construction and 3D printing press. Considered to be one of the leading experts in his field, Henrik shares with us the current developments of the 3D construction printing industry.

Kee Cheng Heng

MD of Helloholo (Singapore)

Sharing more on emerging technologies such as interactive holograms in our environment, it has led the AEC industry to work faster, smarter and more efficiently, through holographic guides and digital twins. 

Shaun Koo

CTO of H3Zoom.ai (Singapore)

The tech enthusiast has worked with startups and SMEs on tech commercialization and go-to-market strategy, scaling architectural acoustic startup Aural-aid, AI health-care startups and more. So what’s next for H3Zoom.ai?

Johan Hanegraaf

VP of Arkio (Netherlands)

10 years of experience in Architecture field implementing and developing design tools for computational projects, Johan is VP of Product for Arkio, a collaborative design tool for architecture. It allows users to sketch, collaborate and make design decisions like never before. 

Saham Ali

Director of Technology at Falcon’s Creative (USA)

With 12 years of experience in media and developing and managing IT solutions for studios and VFX schools, Saham strengthens many avenues in Falcon’s, pushing virtual reality and augmented reality development for themed experiences.

Sarah Nabaa

VP of VEChain (Singapore)

Vice-President of South-East Asia and Australia-New Zealand, Sarah heads business developments and identifies key technology partners in IoT, supply chain and more.

Desmond Ho

Technical Research Manager at Autodesk (Singapore)

Working within Autodesk Research Manufacturing Industry Futures, Desmond’s research focus is on digitisation of Design, Make, Assembly and Monitor workflow for the AEC and Manufacturing Assembly.

Dr. Soh Gim Song

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies for SUTD (Singapore)

Notable for researching and developing innovative computer-aided design for the invention of articulated mechanical systems, Dr. Soh’s research interest lies on mechanism and robotics with an emphasis on its design, kinematics, biomechanics and additive manufacturing. 

Vijay Ramadas

Senior Research Engineer at Autodesk (Singapore)

Vijay researches and develops solutions on flexible manufacturing and the application of robotics, automation and hybrid manufacturing techniques. He generates ideas and processes to enhance advance systems for our industry.

Paul Lancaster

Sales Director of Steelcase (Singapore)

Thought leader in how design, materiality and performance inspire at work. Paul is with longstanding furniture Steelcase, which produces office furniture, architectural and technology products for office environments, education, healthcare and retail industries.

Saw Pei Ling

Sales Director of Trimble Solutions, SEA (Singapore)

Pei Ling brings more than 10 years of structural experience to the region. With in-depth understanding of the ebb and flow of the built environment, she has helped consulting firms, contractors and developers move their business forward through constructive data and true collaboration.

Jessica Fayers

Regional Sales Manager of Bolon, SEA (Singapore)

With almost two decades of experience in flooring for commercial design, Jessica utilises her fluency in design processes and contributes to the creation of inspiring spaces, from the floor up. Bolon is recognised for its award-winning flooring and renowned collaborations with acclaimed creatives.

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