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CREATIVE  in ideation

To explore possibilities and go beyond today. Let’s embark on the design creation process, leveraging the power of digitalisation with AI-driven algorithms and machine learning. Take a deep dive into form-finding exploration derived from data-driven analysis, and become more productive by automating iterative design processes through generative design. It’s all about embracing new opportunities in the realm of digital design.

INNOVATIVE  in realisation

We’re pushing the boundaries with emerging technologies in line with the rise of big data and machines to support the construction processes. It’s time to reinvent project delivery with decentralisation through blockchain technology. Digitally capture and reconstruct the past to build and manage future assets.  It’s a technology transformation journey for a more sustainable tomorrow.

IMMERSIVE  in operation

Together, we can go beyond the physical and enter the digital universe. The real world will become an extension of the virtual world. Uncover the importance of an immersive user interface and user experience for digital design, construction and management. Become a part of a creative and innovative phygital environment that understands user preferences and behaviour.

Immanuel Koh

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

Sagar Thorat


Wanyu He


Altaf Ganihar


Justin Yeoh

National University of Singapore (NUS)

William Lee

National University of Singapore (NUS)

Gabriel Yee

MYR Labs

Visahl Samson David Selvam


Peter Storey


Elijah Yang

Anticad Pte Ltd

Vincent Lau

Allocate Space

Alvin Ng

Johnson Control

Provides Ng

University College London

Kean Walmsley



Domenic Cerantonio


State of Address (SOFA)

It is now more apparent than ever that the adoption of technology and digitalisation within the AEC industry is inevitable. How and when you take that first step towards this future is what will determine if you and your organisation become an industry leader or a late adopter of technology.

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