Bringing you the latest updates on the rise of ‘phygital’ and what this means for the built environment.

Come journey into the ‘Phygital’-verse

BeyondX is an open event where one gets up close and personal on all that is new and exciting. No longer limited to just the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, & Construction) industry, esteemed speakers from various arena of expertise are invited to share their insights and knowledge on the latest developments.

BeyondX 2022 will take a closer look at the increasingly blurred lines between virtual and reality, how different forms of virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and smart technologies are changing the ways we think, create, and experience the built environment. 

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic proved to be just another hurdle to overcome as we took BeyondX online last year. For two days, our online webinar enabled speakers to reach viewers from every part of the world. In anticipation of BeyondX 2022, you can watch last year’s event right now, on demand.

It is now more apparent than ever that the adoption of technology and digitalisation within the AEC industry is inevitable. How and when you take that first step towards this future is what will determine if you and your organisation become an industry leader or a late adopter of technology.

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