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Go Beyond today and design the future with us 

Join ONG&ONG Group and our technology collaborators as we share, dissect and extrapolate exponential technologies that are shaping our projects and the AEC industry, today and into the near future.

Experience exponential technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, 3D Printing and more as we derive the possibilities they herald for our AEC ecosystem.

Join the conversations with leading experts or go hands-on with the latest tech demos in design technology today.

Learn more about the goings-on in tech standards and how we incorporate it into our business models.

Adriel Sim


Adriel Sim will be sharing his personal experience in Computational design and sharing of new 3D technologies, with 3D technologies. As a Qualified Person, his project experience is vast, including the new States Courts building.

Alex Lee

Tian Building Engineering

Alex Lee is the Managing Director of Tian Building Engineering, Singapore. More than 20 years of R&D expertise, he will be sharing the benefits of Open BIM workflow and explaining how best to harness digital technology into our workflow.

Eugene Lau

Urban Design Technology

Eugene Lau is the Deputy Director of the Urban Design Technology team in the Urban Redevelopment Authority. He will be sharing on the various types of 3D data and systems that the URA utilises in their planning work at various scales, ranging from useful tools for masterplanning to more detailed analytics at a building scale, as well as how the government is leveraging on new technologies for better public engagement.

Felix Raspall


Felix Raspall is an Assistant Professor at SUTD, AIRLAB. Founding the Architectural Intelligence Research Lab (AIRLAB) with Carlos Banon, his creative work showcases experimental structures for our discipline. He will be presenting two talks titled ‘Digital Design and Fabrication’ and ‘AI and Skyscrapers’

John Rivas

Autodesk, ASEAN

John Rivas is a Technical Specialist for AEC in ASEAN, Autodesk Asia. He specialises in Autodesk products such as CFD, Vault, Revit, Dynamo, Fabrication Products and BIM 360 There.

Lee Chuen Ting

DIRTT Environmental Solutions

She has witnessed technologies transform industries for 20 years, and is an Asian Partner of US-based AI Fund Tensility Venture Partners, just to name a few. Lee Chuen Ting will be sharing with us on improving design processes with DIRTT’s ICE Software and AR/VR in Sustainable Design.

Noah Arles

Autodesk, ASEAN

A leader in handling various solutions under the Autodesk AEC portfolio, Noah Arles is involved in configuring solutions for Autodesk Civil Engineering. He will be covering the tools in Autodesk that supports our industry.

Patrick Janssen


Patrick Janssen conducts research into computational methods for design exploration and optimisation on an urban scale. He will be unveiling the examples Mobius Modeller aids in research and teaching, manipulation of geometric datasets and more.

Saw Pei Ling

Trimble Solutions

With more than 10 years of structural experience to countless companies in Singapore, Saw Pei Ling from Trimble Solutions will be presenting “Pushing Boundaries of Structural Engineering”.

Webb Poh


Webb Poh is the Executive Director for BIM/VDV/IDD Research & Development Group in BIMLife. Involving data-driven models and tools to increase productivity for built professionals, he is currently leading a team of BIM experts to develop products and services in the built environment. In this event, he will share how BIM benefits building owners, as well as the applying of BIM throughout the Building Lifecycle Management.

3D-printed Structures

A gazebo of bamboo and modern technology, or a luminous tetrahedral mesh, these creations will not be possible without 3D-printed joints/materials, parametric design and other modern geometries.

The Future of
building with AI

This ongoing research project showcases a computer equipped with a 3D camera and a learning engine connected with a robotic arm, to “learn” designing a tall stack of blocks, which will eventually be replicated for more advanced design problems.

Geospatial Platform for Spatial Computational Thinking

Geocomputational procedures are essential for creating interactive 3D geospatial datasets.

Various data types can be manipulated, including both geospatial and non-geospatial data. Procedures can be created to combine and augment these datasets, and display the result as a 3D geospatial visualisation.

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